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    What Is The Plan? Site is no longer active.


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    What Is The Plan? Site is no longer active. Empty What Is The Plan? Site is no longer active.

    Post  Rage on Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:33 pm

    So while www.whatis-theplan.org has come to a conclusion there are still a couple of options.

    First the staff and the majority of the community has decided to continue the work started here on Tha Agora Project

    What Is The Plan? Site is no longer active. Agban110

    Drowned out by consumerism, punditry, and opinionated spin doctors. Separated by distance, language, and lines on maps. Divided by the focus on ones class, creed, ethnicity, or nationality. We have been isolated from one another. Looking to what separates us instead of what joins us. The collective voice of the people has been quelled. Money and power corrupt the world in which we live. Crooked politicians, an influenced media, betray all who trust in them, pocketing profits and treating the people as something to be manipulated. No longer there to represent the people but rather to use the people as a means to their ends.

    The ancient Greeks had a place of public assembly where people would gather to trade ideas and discuss current events and politics. This was the agora. We have lost this place in the modern world. . . until now.

    The Agora Project.

    This project aims to provide what we are currently missing and so badly need. A space where ideas trump names and progress rules over partisanship. A public dialog where problems find solutions and ideals are shaped into actionable plans.

    Welcome to the network, a place to connect. A place to do more than commune about how things are not what they should be.This is a place of organization and tactics, of sharing and mobilizing. . Together as a united collective of free thinkers in a global agora to communicate and actualize ideas.

    An informed citizenry is the key component to a healthy democratic process. It is something to be feared and respected by all, for all real power lies with the people. Now we connect to create our own agora to circumvent the politics, the power, and the money of a privileged few.

    This is The Agora Project. Welcome. Connect. Build. Organize. Communicate. Share. Mobilize.

    Also the site's original founder's have started a similar site in order to try and continue their vision, Freedom Informant Network.

    What Is The Plan? Site is no longer active. Fin1

    F.I.N. was founded as an outlet for alternative news as well as a vene for like-minded and concerned people to put their heads together and debate, share ideas and socialize. Today the tradition continues as we work to launch FIN 2.0, a cleaner, more streamlined website where we hope to see more activity than even before!

    Let it be known:

    Freedom Informant Network does not advocate any political party/politician. This is not a political promotion/campaign. FIN is a social/media conduit for YOU, by YOU.

    While each and every one of you are entitled to your right to your own beliefs or preferences (and we hope you can respect that in each other), FIN will not be used to promote any political affiliation or support of any politician/political candidate

    The Freedom Informant Network is a collaborative effort of a vast and diverse group who have found themselves possessing knowledge to share with the world. We are here to help those who seek true freedom find the answers they are searching for by creating an open medium of information. Many of us have dedicated much of our time to extensive research into many different areas.

    The Network is extremely important in this day in age to ensure the free flow of vital information. Our goal is to bring the information to all that we can to expose the facts on topics the main-stream media will not touch. In conjunction we will contribute our assistance in assuring you are ready for the events that are unfolding before our eyes.

    "All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come."
    -Victor Hugo

    There is no requirement that you "choose" between the two, they are not in competition with each other, just different platforms to continue similar goals, you can join either or both without any problems.

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